Ninja! Attack of the Clan

Ninja! Attack of the Clan - Arree Chung, Arree Chung

He is a fierce ninja yet no one will take time out of their busy day so he can prefect his ninja skills. Told in large comic book strips boxes, this cute child’s book won my heart. Fascinated with being a ninja, this young boy asks his mom and sister to play with him but they are too busy to spend a few minutes with him. When he questions his father, his father says yes and the boy quickly sets about finding the perfect place to hide so his father cannot find him in their game of hide-and-go seek.  The boy waits and he waits and he waits for his father but the father does not go and seek his son, for he has forgotten to play and is still working. Disappointment has set in for the boy and my heart sinks! It is time for dinner and the family calls for their son to join them for dinner. Reluctantly, he arrives to the dining room only to find it empty. Where did his family go? Didn’t they call him to eat? The illustrator has drawn the family in the shadows waiting for their son/brother and bold print words awaited me as a Surprise Ninja Attack soared through the air at the boy. He loved it and his time had arrived. I felt the excitement in the air as they surprised him and the family has their moment together. Playing ninja warriors, the family bonds and creates a special moment for everyone involved. It was wonderful, from his sister, to his parents, to the boy this family comes together and lets loose. This was a great story, great emotions and a great bonding experience. My granddaughter loved this book.