Such a Pretty Girl

Such a Pretty Girl - Laura Wiess

I actually threw this book and I am greatly sorry for it but this novel got under my skin. So yes, I totally enjoyed this novel and yes, I would highly recommend it, if this is a genre you read. Why? For starters this novel is real, this story is reality as it told the story as if they were your neighbors and this was not the edited version. There was no red bow at the end and there was no happy, sappy feeling in the middle that made me go “ahh!” I was furious and irritated and I wanted to reach inside this novel and knock some heads together. Yes, these are the people you read about in the paper and the people I yell at my husband about, these people should be shot and yet these people have children. There are people in the world who are dying to have children and they can’t and here we have people who have children and they treat them like this.  


She cringes when she thinks of her father. She is happy that he is behind bars finally and she feels free. It’s just the two of them, her mom and her, living together in an apartment. She also has Andy; he was in an accident years ago and now moves around in a wheelchair. Not sure what you would call this relationship but I feel that she clings to him. They are close, intimate close but I wouldn’t label it a girlfriend/boyfriend relationship. Because of his accident, she feels that he will always be there for her. One day, her mother has exciting news or at least she feels it is exciting news, her father is being released early. Bam, the novel is filled with emotions and they are intense and real, slamming into everything. Of course, the girl is upset for her father was the one who took away her childhood and the childhood of other children who were brave enough to speak up in court. Her father is a child molester and he is coming home. There are words spoken and mother is angry. It boils down to this, mother is choosing her husband over her child, and the words that spew out of her mouth towards her daughter shock me and make me want to grab this young girl and run. I’m angry now just writing this, this book is a work of fiction yet I am upset just thinking that this does occurs in the real world and mothers abandon their children as they cling to their men. Their town doesn’t like her father and she knows it and she doesn’t fight the words or the attitude that they cast towards him, she understands their position.   She’s a sassy one but she has a reason to be.   I was pulling for her…..all the way through the novel.