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The Female of the Species

The Female of the Species - Mindy McGinnis

I cheered for Alex, I loved her character, she was different and she knew it. She was like her father, a father that she didn’t know. She knew she had control issues, but how she was going to deal with them was another issue for which she didn’t have the answer for. I felt as though Alex was proud that she was able to protect the people that she loved, even though how she accomplished this task was seen as extreme and vicious.   She needed an adult, someone to talk to about the issues that were plaguing her mind but with her father gone and her mother being useless, Alex was alone. It was when she was finally bonding with some friends that the problems all began. Everyone needs friends and I loved the Emergency Girlfriend Pact that emerged between the girls.


The flow of this novel felt choppy to me as I read it. I understood the story as I read it but it felt clunky and very different from other novels.   I had to stop many times and think about what I had just read and how that flowed into the previous section.   The book itself was a disappointment to me as I felt I didn’t get as much out of it as I hoped to. I felt I worked a lot at reading it, putting it all together and there should have been more to it. I wanted it to be a five-star novel, I really did.