I miss reading

I have been so busy lately that I have not been able to read and I really do miss it.  My husband misses me reading me too, can you believe it?  I think he misses me and I think he is tired of me complaining and working all the time. 


I took a 7 week substitute teaching assignment for a lady who just had a baby after the school year started. I never take long-term assignments as I really like the variety of different classrooms and I like working part-time and volunteering.  I will be happy when this job is over as I am putting in so much time making sure everything is just right. I am at school 9 hours a day (at least) then I come home and work 3-4 hours a night planning or correcting papers each night. I can see why first year teachers get burned out.


On a positive note, my youngest son got married last weekend.  Yes, I tried to have everything planned out ahead of time for that but I can't plan for everyone so we had some issues but everything turned out wonderful!  The weather was perfect, we had a great turnout and they were extremely happy.  Love was definitely in the air! 

    (in the picture, my youngest son got married, my oldest son was best man and my daughter is standing next to the bride - their spouses are next to them). I am one proud mama.


I am sure glad they got married last weekend because this weekend, we are preparing for another 100 year flood.  We had a 100 year flood, 8 years ago which caused major damage to our city and now we are getting hit again. Dang you Mother Nature!  So the city of Cedar Rapids in Iowa is gathering in strength and coming together to fight this again. It is amazing how something like this brings out the best in people. We have people donating their trucks to bring sandbags to homes, people making sandbags, people donating food and making food to help those displaced, we have 1,000's of people asking what they can do to help others.  My son's father-in-law will have his bakery be in the path of the flood water for the second time and he will just watch as the flood waters flow into his business. He knows he cannot stop it, he has moved everything he can out of his shop and given away all he can and now he just waits and hopes for the best.   Next weekend we will clean up.  The smell will be horrific but the water will be gone.  For now, we just pray and get ready.