Small Great Things

— feeling happy
Small Great Things - Jodi Picoult

I was thrilled to get an advanced copy of this novel as I have wanted to read this novel the minute I read its synopsis.


We all have our own opinions and our own preferences and no one way is right. How strong these feeling are just depends on the individual and how we display our feelings to others is also an individual’s preference. I believe that everyone has perceived conceptions whether they want to admit them or not.   There are some individuals who go the extreme, who carry deep convictions that they feel they need to forcefully display or they thunder their cause upon others, feeling that their way is the only way.   I really enjoyed this novel as it made me think of what I believe and what I can tolerate.   I liked the friction that was involved as it shows how we all are different, how it came to be and how we can grow. I loved this novel for the way that it showed us reality; it showed us the real thing. At times, it showed us both sides of the story. It was interesting to hear both parties’ reactions, feel both parties’ emotions and their comments to the proceedings around them as the events were taking place.  I tried to put my Kindle down and go about my life, but my thoughts were still inside this novel. I couldn’t forget the events that were transpiring, I couldn’t forget the words that were spoken to Ruth and I didn’t want to forget the themes that were running through this novel, as they touch our lives every day. They wanted to make this a case about murder but race played a big issue in the events that transpired so how could you not play the race card in the court proceeding?   As Ruth stood in Davis’ room, I wonder what I would do in her shoes. I had to wonder, she had a lot on the line and there was no going back. I can’t say enough about this novel except that this is definitely one of my hair dryer novels, one I definitely could not put down to dry my hair.  I will be buying a copy of this novel once it hits the stands as I need to have it, I think everyone needs to read it.


Thank you NetGalley and Ballantine Books for allowing me read this advance copy. In exchange for this copy, I provided an honest opinion of this novel.