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Afterward - Jennifer Mathieu

This novel wasn’t what I expected and I think in the end, it provided for me a deeper perspective on the issues at hand and a comfort that I wasn’t expecting.   I was expecting answers as I read this novel, I wanted to know the gist of the damage that these individuals had to endure living with their kidnapper, I wanted to know their story but this novel wasn’t about reliving their drama, it was about moving forward.   Caroline wanted to know why her autistic brother Dylan had changed since he had returned and she thought only Ethan could provide those answers. He had only been missing a few days but his behavior had changed drastically. Dylan was found with Ethan both boys had been abducted; only Ethan had been missing for four years. Caroline wanted answers but the subject was hard to talk about with Ethan so she tries other ways to connect with him. Struggling with the memories, Ethan is traumatized and it shows in their relationship. I enjoyed the times when the two of them could just forget how they were connected and they could just enjoy themselves together.   Relaxing with each other, enjoying the moment and enjoying each other, they were showing their true colors and just letting go. Both of the boys don’t want to look back and relive the past but the past is a shadow that is following them, haunting them and they need to face it and move forward. I liked the energy in the novel, the grace and delicacy of the subject matter covered, the friendship and how this relationship didn’t build into something it wasn’t meant to be.   4.5 stars


This is another great novel by Jennifer Mathieu, the author that gave us both The Truth About Alice and Devoted.  I have enjoyed them all. 


I received a copy of this novel from NetGalley and Roaring Book Press in exchange for an honest opinion.