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I read almost every genre & I enjoy venturing into unfamiliar territory. As a library volunteer, I'm constantly bringing home novels. Being a substitute teacher, I read lots of YA & children's books.  

The Giant Smugglers

The Giant Smugglers - Matt Solomon, Chris Pauls

I found this novel’s cover intriguing so I had to read it. Inside, I found a story about a simple giant who was trying to make his way home via a network of smugglers and Charlie, a young boy who befriends the giant and together they have quite a journey. Charlie loved on-line video games, he was a champ, life was good until he met Jamie and then Charlie decided it was best if he tried to keep out of Jamie’s line of vision. Jamie was out to get Charlie. Charlie immediately felt a connection to the giant when he discovered him and he decided that he didn’t want to share him with anyone. This bond grows and deepens throughout the novel and I enjoyed how they depended on one another. They are like brothers and the inexperience of the giant to the size and ability of the giant’s greatness has these two depending on each other in different circumstances throughout the novel.   Charlie becomes the giant’s teacher, teaching him simple every day things and also important lessons about life. Charlie calls him Bruce after a movie Charlie shares with him and looking at the cover, I think the name fits him. Bruce teaches him many things, mature things and they both learn about family as their friendship grows.


People are looking for Bruce, he’s a giant and to have one at their disposal would be spectacular.   They’ve been hunting them down but haven’t gotten close to one yet. They’re trying to perfect their growth serum; a giant would make their life easier.   Jamie discovers Bruce and he is angry at his father for Jamie’s father is one of the individual’s who are chasing after Bruce and Jamie believes that Bruce is a product of his father’s research.  At the lab, Jamie confronts his father. A researcher brings in another test sample of the growth serum they are working on, a sample for the lab rats, but Jamie reaches for the serum and stabs himself with it. No! It’s too late, Jamie begins to grow, his anger along with him.   It becomes a journey, a race, an adventure as the giants each run for their destination and Charlie tries to protect his best friend. I loved the ending, it was magical and adventurous. This was a great fantasy, adventure book with a boy leading the way.