The Graveyard Book: Full-Cast Production

— feeling excited
The Graveyard Book - Neil Gaiman

I wrote the following words on a post-it: “yes, definitely check this novel out!” and placed it inside this audio case. I then turned the audio back into the library this morning.   I have walked more miles this week just so I could listen to this novel and observe the lives of the individuals who live inside the graveyard that Bod decided to call home. I will miss Silas and Bod, I will miss the spirited individuals who made up his extended “family” and I will miss the sights and sounds that made up the graveyard. This novel was magnificent; it consumed me as I turned it off each day as I wanted nothing more than to follow along to Bod’s adventures each day as he grew up inside the graveyard. With full-cast production, it became a theatre production inside my head, I laughed and talked to myself as I walked and I think I enjoyed this novel much more with its full cast of characters than I would have, had I tried to read it.   The characters came alive, the graveyard leaped from its pages and I witnesses it all, beautifully done.   It was amazing, I thought that each of the characters voices were perfect for their part. There were even sections in this novel where the airs on my arms were sticking up and I was laughing, it was awesome! Silas, he was my favorite. Silas’s voice was made me stop and really listen. It had on a serious, mono-tone, sturdy quality that spoke with authority and wisdom. I wanted to know everything he talked about and knew.   Silas was a constant in Bod’s life, taking care of him and teaching him about life in a factual fashion. He taught him that things are the way they are, he didn’t try to sugar-coat things or try to make Bod memorize things about the world around him, Silas taught Bod things he would need or were important at that moment.   He was a man who had lived.


The story begins when Silas toddles his way up the street as the rest of his family lies bleeding in their beds. He had always been an adventurous and active child and since the fog was clearer up the road that morning that was the direction he took. Jack couldn’t find the baby in the crib but he could smell the trail of the baby as he made his way up the street to the gates of the graveyard. There was a confrontation between the gatekeeper and Jack and soon Jack is headed back down the road. The baby is now in the arms of Mr. & Mrs. Owens who have promised to take care of him and soon the baby is named Nobody, which is shorted to Bod. Bod’s new home is in the graveyard. With ghosts as parents, the graveyard for a playground and lots of sprits to keep him entertained, Bod begins a new life behind the graveyard bars.   It’s a wonderful story of Bod who grows up in a graveyard, surrounded by people who love him, people whose lives were similar yet different. Bod, he knows there is a different life outside the graveyard, a world that’s strange and unfamiliar, and a world with opportunities.