Labyrinth Lost

Labyrinth Lost (Brooklyn Brujas) - Zoraida Córdova

This was a fantastic read and I enjoyed this novel for its cultural ties, its history and the relationships that were so important in this story.   The cover reminded me of the Day of the Dead, a Mexican holiday which has its own customs and traditions celebrating those who have passed away and inside this novel we experience the Latin American celebration of Deathday. Deathday, it’s the day that Alex is dreading but it’s the day that her family is looking forward to. Alex just wants to be a typical 16-year old girl, she doesn’t want her magic and she has decided that she will give it back unbeknownst to her family. Nora told her not to do it but Alex is dead set on being normal. At her ceremony, which would normally be a joyous occasion, Alex performs her first canto.   From within the family’s book she found the formula and tried it on her own and now, the aftermath is not what she expected.   With her family now trapped in another dimension, Alex is their only hope. Oh, how I loved Los Lagos, for this region was adventurous and remarkable. You never know what you might run into or what you might discover while walking upon this region. The land is rugged and hard, its ruler is greedy and deadly and the Alex of the past will have to make some changes to survive in these harsh conditions. Alex is joined by Nora and Rishi as she tries to locate her family and save them. It’s an exciting and dynamic journey, one that I really enjoyed. There were great twists throughout the novel and again I loved the cultural and historical aspect of this story. The author tells us the story, she explains the reasoning behind the characters actions and I enjoyed reading it and understanding these ties. The family relationships with both the spiritual entities and with the living were excellent and took this story to another level. There is a LGBT relationship in this novel which I am not going to elaborate much on. I thought the relationship came on quite suddenly and seemed indirect. One minute, these individuals were making indirect comments to each other and not much time passes and then, these individuals became an item. This relationship seemed a bit off to me. You really should pick this novel up if you are into fantasy reads or like adventurous stories. I would love to listen to this novel on audio; I think it would be amazing with all the voices. This novel exceeded my expectations; the story was deeper, entertaining and hard to put down.


I received a copy of this novel from NetGalley and Sourcebooks Fire in exchange for an honest review.