Cutter Boy

Cutter Boy (SideStreets (Hardcover)) - Cristy Watson

I have been a fan of the Side Street series by Lorimer for a while now. I like that these are fast-paced novels that deal with realistic issues that teens might have to deal with in the real world. I like the variety of issues that the series presents. I feel that since they are short powerful novels that I can usually read in a few hours, teens will likely read them and enjoy them also.


What I found interesting about Cutter Boy is that when we begin the story, Travis hasn’t started to cut himself. I found hearing Travis thoughts and feeling about those first initial cuts interesting.   Those first cuts didn’t live up to his expectations, he didn’t feel different nor did he feel relief as his blood poured out of the lines in cut on his arm.   Travis did feel alive, he noticed that and that was something. Travis felt in control of something in his life finally and that is what he needed. He would continue cutting for cutting would become an escape for him. Precise and straight, Travis was proud of his lines but only Travis knew they were there and soon his arm was covered and he knew he would have to resort to other parts of his body. This is his escape from his family who ignored him and from the bullies at school who taunted him.


Chyronne joins his English class, she’s not an easy target like his classmates think she would be but she’s a strong person who is dealing with parent issues herself.   I liked that this novel didn’t focus on their romance but it centered on how these characters helped each other.   They encouraged each other, reaching out to each other and being a friend when they needed them most. I was happy that they had each other and were able to talk openly with each other. I wasn’t too happy with the ending; it felt cut off and rushed. I think this is an important subject and this novel is a great resource.


I received this novel from NetGalley and James Lorimer & Company in exchange for an honest review. Thank you for allowing me to read this novel.