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A World Without You

A World Without You - Beth Revis

What do I say about this novel? It was entertaining, it was confusing, it was adventurous, and it stretched my boundaries. The book is about mental illness and it has many different points of view. We view the story mainly from Bo’s point of view. At the beginning of the novel, I was entertaining the idea of Bo and the other characters living at Berkshire Academy, managing their special abilities. They each were special, some were dealing with their talents better than others but the whole idea of the Academy was to help the students comprehend and realize who they really were. Some of their teachers even had special abilities which came in handy in some situations.


Ryan, he was the deep one in the group. His thoughts and comments made me think and I didn’t trust him. He put too much thought into what he said and I thought he was only thinking of himself and was playing everyone else against each other. Harold, he was special. He kept to himself and it looked like he was talking to himself but Bo believed that his special ability was that he saw ghosts.  I wanted people to leave him alone but some people couldn’t and they pushed him to open up or they taunted him until he crept away. Bo was stressed about Sofia, for he liked her and he felt guilty about what he did. He was consumed about the Timestream and he started plucking the strings along it. Bo’s believed his special talent was time travel and somehow he has taken Sofia back in time and accidentally left her there.   He didn’t know exactly where but he needed to locate her and bring her back. Sofia had died so the Academy has a funeral for her but Bo is set on the notion that he has put her in the past and he can rescue her, if he is just given the time to do so.  Government officials have now arrived on site to investigate the Academy and everything in Bo’s world begins to fall apart.   All the stories that he fabricated in his head are now changing. The confusion shook Bo and I wasn’t ready for the confusion and the change that affected him.   I was inside Bo’s world, he was important and he was calm there. When this change swept over the novel, it shows the effect that mental illness has on an individual and others around them.