Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel - David Lamour

Don’t you just love the cover of this novel? It is totally amazing. Angels and demon, what’s not to like about this combination. I really enjoyed the character of Helel and I loved his whistling. I kept looking for it to pop up as I knew that he would be making his appearance soon and that excited me. He was a calm and fierce character. He was calm in his actions and he was confident as he went after the things that he wanted. He was fierce; his actions were intense and deliberate. Evelynn, I liked that she was your everyday teen. Her voice rang true, nothing complicated or fake about her, she was real. I really enjoyed this novel, I felt connected to the characters and I had a hard time putting this novel down once I got started. I highly recommend this novel if you enjoy this genre.   I am looking forward to book #2 and hopefully that will be soon.


Evelynn now lives in a small poke town, where traveling a few blocks in either direction would you have embracing the whole town. She misses NYC. Her aunt and uncle have now become her guardians as her parents have passed away, leaving her a senior in the “backwoods of Montana,”not exactly what Evelynn had planned. Swimming was her sport of choice but now that’s not an option as football takes center stage. Brooke, her new closest friend secretly sets up a blind date with the quarterback from the football team. Cynthia has warned Evelynn that she and the quarterback have something going on and she should back off but Brooke thinks otherwise.   Evelynn doesn’t want to start anything as she plans on not sticking around. The blind date was a success and the friction begins as the girls fight amongst themselves for power. In the library, Evelynn hears whistling. Annoyed but intrigued, she investigates and finds the most gorgeous blue eyes over the top of the library’s bookshelf.  Not quick enough, she can’t find whose eyes they belong to before the library clears out but the image of those eyes stay with her. Falling behind in class, she needs a tutor.   Hands are raised and the teacher chooses Helel.   He is the boy with the gorgeous blue eyes.   Evelynn is now torn between these two gorgeous men in her life. Oh, she is such a flirt! She is having more fun than she imaged with her new girlfriends and hanging out with these two guys. The story gets a dramatic push as she attends a party hoping to run into one of the boys.   Its events that occur after this party, that she begins to realize that, perhaps life in a small town in Montana is more adventurous than she thought.


I received a copy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review.