You: A Novel - Caroline Kepnes

He meticulously plans out his next move and thinks everything through. His creepy obsession contains such vivid details and lively conversations you would swear that the events that are playing out inside his head have actually occurred. His passion and desire for Beck consumes him and without her knowing, Joe has found a way to hack into her life. Joe knows things about Beck that she wouldn’t want Joe to know and as the novel progressed; his obsession becomes frightening and sinister. He plays himself off to Beck as a casual guy but inside his body, he is in turmoil as his desires for her rip him apart and the fantasies that he has created inside his mind are running rampant. He wants the feelings to be mutual between the two of them, so he waits for her to realize that he is the man for her. There are many obstacles that keep popping up in Beck’s life which draw Beck away from the relationship that Joe is trying to create with her. These obstacles Joe wants to eliminate so he can have Beck all to himself.


I hadn’t planned on finishing this book in one day but Joe’s mind captivated me. He had these elaborate scenes and stories running throughout his head as he thought about Beck and I had to know what would actually occur once he met up with her.   His reaction after being with Beck was explosive and I loved that. Joe’s reaction was emotional and then he would either rationalize the outcome or sometimes he would recreate a new scenario of what would happen next time. He was always thinking and trying to plan what was next. He was a thinker and Beck herself was a woman who seemed a bit careless herself.   Able to see into Beck’s life, she also is a person who has issues that she needed to address. It was eerie how obsessed Joe was over Beck. His twisted mind created scenarios which aroused him and seemed to encourage him. Hacking into her life, he is man out of control. His outward appearance is calm and in control but inside he is a dangerous man, a man who would stop at nothing to get Beck all to himself. His Box of Beck was creepy and it showed me just how disturbing he really was. This novel became more twisted and warped as I read for Joe was infatuated with Beck and Beck had other things on her mind besides Joe. I really enjoyed this novel and highly recommend it.