Just a Few Inches

Just a Few Inches - Tara St. Pierre

She saw it on the screen, the results that she wanted, it all looked so easy and the neighborhood drug store held her answer. As her wallet was being drained, the time clock started ticking and Carrie began dreaming about her future and what it held. She knew the marketing strategies the advertisers used to lure consumers to buy their products, she learned this in class yet Carrie only needed just a few inches to fit into “the dress.” It was the knowing, Carrie knew the particulars that she was walking into but she bought into the scam because she had to fit into the dress for Todd. Carrie was a senior in high school and according to the charts, Carrie was normal; she was above average height and below average weight. Carrie wanted to be better than normal; Carrie was buying into being perfect and ideal and all the other adjectives and labels that society flings our way. To think this nightmare, this journey of self-discovery all began with a dress is rather comical, I believe. To think, had she not been so consumed by pleasing others and her outward appearance, none of this would have occurred.   “Mistakes have the power to turn you into something better than you were before.” This statement, I believe applies to this novel.   As Carrie struggles with what is occurring with her body and with society’s view of her, she realizes those few inches changed her life.


I enjoyed this novel more than I thought would. I loved Carrie’s journey as she continued to shrink. There were times though I do have to admit that I thought it was a bit farfetched how much she shrunk. I kept thinking about when I was little and watched The Little’s on television.   I used to imagine what it would be like to be one of The Little’s and how I would sneak around inside a human’s house and use their scraps for my own miniature house. Carrie’s story as she shrank was unimaginable.   I loved how the author considered all aspects of Carrie’s world as she shrank. The emotional aspect and the physical aspect were both wonderfully portrayed and it made the novel interesting and vivid.   Her world is no longer just school and home for now Carrie is in the spotlight and she must adjust to this new status. Carrie tries to make the best of each situation but it’s hard when your future is unknown and there were times that I was proud of her attitude and her energy.  When she was with Evan, I was in awe. He was not what she was expecting but he was what she needed. I was torn between what should happen between the two of them as the novel progressed and as far as the ending went, it was perfect for me. This was a fun novel to read, one that I truly enjoyed.

Thanks Reading Teen for the great novel! I won a copy of this book from their website.