The World Beneath

The World Beneath by Janice Warman (2-Oct-2014) Paperback - Janice Warman

This novel was thin and was a fast read. I picked it up on a whim as the cover had been calling to me for weeks. There was something about the covers design and colors that attracted my attention.   I wish I could give this novel glowing reviews since it has perked my attention for so long but unfortunately I thought the novel was just touching on the surface of a much deeper issue.   I also was craving more information about the characters and their lives, why couldn’t the author elaborate more?   The novel showcased the inequality that was occurring in the 1970’s in Africa as seen through the eyes of young Joshua.   His mother was a maid trying to earn enough money to provide for her other children who live with her parents. Separated from his siblings, Joshua tries to stay out of the eyes of the wealthy owners as he tends to a few chores around the quarters.   It’s his inquisitive mind and his childlike ways that spin this story off into another direction as Joshua runs an errand for the lady of the house and he finds himself distracted while trying to stay invisible. Joshua soon realizes that the world is a bigger place with problems that he never knew existed. It’s about rights and who is entitled to them and for young Joshua this is a new concept and one that he didn’t understand.   I wished the author would have given more history and explanation of the time period and the characters as I thought parts of the novel were confusing and not as well addressed as they could have been.   I did like the character of Joshua, his inquiring mind and his attitude brought the novel together.