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Nitro Mountain: a novel

Nitro Mountain: A novel - Lee Clay Johnson

This novel is not for everyone but for me, I really enjoyed it. In fact, this is my second novel that has had this Appalachian vibe to it. I would like to read more novels that have this type of setting as I find them interesting.   It’s not a fast-paced novel or one where I was sitting on the edge of my seat, no these novels have a consistent and steady flow to them. There might be a moment where things are intense but normally it is this consistency, the characters and their lives that I find most enjoyable about these novels.


I was taken to the hills where the splo was kept in jars and it wasn’t just weed that folks were smoking but a combination of sorts that would mess with your mind if you didn’t watch yourself. This moonshine was the drink of choice and the bars were where the action was taking place. The characters inside this novel made it a success. Arnett was ruthless, you didn’t want him on your bad side for this guy had no limits. He thought and he operated as if he was above all else and no one could stop him. Funny thing though, there weren’t any specific characters that I especially liked as I read along. They all played their part, some more than others but there wasn’t one character that I felt attached to. Jennifer, that girl should have hit the road a while ago but where was she to go?   The mountain had claimed her. Jones, I thought he had the most potential out of the bunch. He was to me, the individual who was able to remain sober the longest. Leon, oh Leon, this guy made me laugh. He loved his liquor and he had high hopes for his future.   It was the mountain, Nitro; this mountain captured its residents and held onto them.   Dreams and futures were discussed, their plans were considered. These individuals knew each other and they tolerated one another until something got underneath their skin. The alcohol and/or the drugs that flowed so freely didn’t help the situation any but that is just the way it is on Nitro.   It’s life.