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I read almost every genre & I enjoy venturing into unfamiliar territory. As a library volunteer, I'm constantly bringing home novels. Being a substitute teacher, I read lots of YA & children's books.  

One True Loves

One True Loves: A Novel - Taylor Jenkins Reid

As you read this novel, you can’t help but wonder what if I was Emma and I was in her shoes? Where would my devotion lie and what would I use as my determining factors to help me make this difficult decision? This story grabbed me instantly as I found Emma in quite a difficult situation. Recently engaged, she should be high on life but instead she is ripped apart by the news that she has just received. After a night out with her family celebrating her father’s birthday, Emma is hit with some devastating yet exciting news.  It excites her yet at the same time, it destroys everything that she has worked so hard to build. There is confusion and commotion both internally and externally building throughout the novel as she handles this news and the affects that it has on her and everyone around her.  Emma was so deeply in love with Jesse, her first husband. She loved Jesse like no other. When the helicopter that he was riding in went down and his body was never recovered, Emma had a hard time letting him go. It was only recently that she has decided to move forward in her life and finding Sam was like finding true love all over again.   Their engagement was a step forward for Emma and now, this recent news was sent a shock through Emma. Why, oh why is this happening? Jesse, Jesse is coming home.


The questions started to form in my head when I heard that Jesse was coming back and unfortunately they were negative as I wanted Emma to move forward in her life with Sam as she had finally made steps in the right direction. Emma was swayed by Jesse when he came back into her life. I was nervous for her and I wanted her to take it slow and cautious but that girl went in blazing. The author described to us the relationship of Jesse and Emma while they were in high school, we saw the love they had for one another as they married and became one.   Now as they are reunited, we see them again as time has moved forward.   I was drawn into this novel as I wanted to know what Emma was looking for and what she seeing. I thought I knew what I would be looking for and I was anxious to see how she was planning on moving forward in her life. Her family played a key role and I loved the sister relationship. Then there is Sam, only a few days ago he was Emma’s fiancé and now he is left standing, waiting to see what Emma decides to do.   I enjoyed Sam and Emma’s relationship.   I liked how they shared a past and I thought their comfort levels with each other were fabulous. How can you choose between your first love (your husband) and the man you are about to marry?