The Classic Slow Cooker

The Classic Slow Cooker: Best-Loved Family Recipes to Make Fast and Cook Slow - Judy Hannemann

Found myself another cookbook as I was walking out the door at the library.  It never ceases to amaze me how these cookbooks just grab my attention.  The title of this one The Classic Slow Cooker grabbed my attention as I am all about classic which to me means basic, simple and home-style and then Slow Cooker; well I am a hoarder on Slow Cookers.  I have close to 7 perhaps 8 of them and there are a few more my eyes have been gazing upon.  Why so many?  Well, I have in my possessions cookers in different sizes and functions and I just can’t get rid of the ones I have had over the years.  So I stopped in my tracks and back pedaled because that beef stew on the cover looked mighty tasty.   I have found that what I believed to be classic has not always been what others believed to be classic but Judy Hannemann is right on track and I love this cookbook.  If you are looking for some terrific slow-cooker recipes, you have come to the right spot.  Appetizers, Soups, Chicken, Pork, Beef, Pasta, Sides and Sweet Treats are how the dishes are sectioned off inside these pages and there is an index at the back should you be looking for a specific dish.  I like just looking at the pages to start, the ingredients and the illustrations to just see exactly how classic they are and how simple I find them to be.  I was astonished at how many recipes fit me; these are dishes that I would actually make.  Cheesy Bacon Chicken & Tators – yep, tator tots, chicken breasts, bacon and cheese.  It sounds good and the illustration sold me.  Every recipe has an illustration, a serving size, some information about the recipe, step-by-step easy to follow instructions and yes, the all important easy to find ingredient list.   Sorry, no nutrimental information is listed for the recipes or what the serving size is for the recipe, so you'll have to be the judge on that.  Here are some of the recipes that I found that looked tasty (just some of them): Smoky Pimento Cheese Queso Dip, Hearty Northeast Bean Soup, Steak & Ale Soup, Apple Butter BBQ Ribs, Chopped Steak w/Onion Mushroom Gravy, Beef Stroganoff and Spicy Roasted Chili Cheese Fries.  I have never baked a dessert in my slow cooker but her Apple Pie Cake sure looks tempting.  The recipes look easy to prepare, it's definitely a cookbook to check out.  There were no recipes inside this cookbook that I thought were bizarre or ones that didn’t belong.  There was one meatloaf, one wing recipe, a few roast recipes, a couple rib recipes, a few chop recipes (one with a potato and cheese stuffing that I am definitely trying), and just a variety of other ones.  A nice cookbook.