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The Hatching

The Hatching: A Novel - Ezekiel Boone

I can hear them; I could feel their anticipation and their readiness to enter our world, a world which was not prepared for their kind. It wasn’t the fact that these were spiders that disturbed me; it was the reality that these were not just ordinary spiders, there was something unique about them.   I was also concerned that it didn’t take long before these spiders’s scope was global. I enjoyed the author’s writings as I could visualize what was occurring in the novel as it was taking place.   As the spiders were being generated and hatched, I heard it literally in my mind and saw it taking place. The sound of the egg sac, their bodies moving about and then, their bodies breaking out and pushing out into the world; the author’s words were spinning inside my head. Using short, precise chapters Boone knew when to create intense, urgent energy to keep me flipping the pages. Boone also knew when to add drama back into the story to showcase his narration, once again. I liked how this novel had a mixed of high intensity reading and an exciting dramatic storyline to keep the novel flowing.   I was set on knowing more about these arachnids and the author slowly revealed parts of the picture while putting on a dramatic performance for me to enjoy. It did take a while to get all the character building established in this novel as there are multiple locations and characters involved. I was beginning to wonder how all these individuals and locations would be gathered together but Boone did a fabulous job interlacing them together.   I really liked the mystery of what was behind these spiders- their history, what they had the capacity to do, and their future. As the spiders made their appearance, I was fascinated by the magnitude of their existence. As the investigation continues, what they discovered about the spider’s ability and its future stunned everyone around them. I was not expecting a cliffhanger and now I will have to wait until next year to see what the future holds for my legged creatures. I will definitely be watching for Skitter: a novel and its release date and as for spiders in my future? I will definitely be keeping my eye out for them and their egg sac, oh yes….their egg sac.


I received a copy of this novel from NetGalley and Atria Books in exchange for an honest review.