First Comes Love

First Comes Love: A Novel - Emily Giffin

It’s has been a while since I have read one of Emily Griffin’s novels but after reading the first couple chapters of this current novel, I remember how comfortable her writing was. It didn’t long to settle into the story and become a part of the drama which was consuming the lives of these individuals. There were a few times I wanted to slap a majority of them, for it seemed as if they were playing a game with each other, a child’s game and they were supposed to be adults.   Jealousy, pride, secrets, and a lack of communication ran rapid amongst them and they all hid behind their own masks afraid to make a move. I just wanted someone to talk, to open up some dialogue with each other, to get the ball rolling for they were just shadows of people walking amongst each other.


A tragic event had occurred in their family and no one will discuss the event.   They won’t discuss what transpired that evening or its aftereffects. The repercussions of that evening have changed this family forever and not in a positive manner.  The family is trying to move forward but even after fifteen years, what took place that night still lingers in the back of their minds and needs closure before this family can successfully move forward.


The two sisters live completely different lives, each of them successful in their own way. Each one of them desires a part of their sibling’s life. Their jealousy and pride sometimes overshadows their own happiness. As the author slowly reveals parts of what had occurred, I was shocked at the outpouring of emotions.   I wanted their family to open up, to talk about what had happened, to communicate but as the lines of communication were finally breaking free, the words spoken were too intense for some individuals to listen to and their emotions were deep. I had no patience for some of the characters actions as they acted so immature. The clock moved forward and I wondered how much time it would take for these individuals to heal and finished what they had started?   I enjoyed the dramatic side of the story and I thought the plot was great.

I received a copy of this novel from NetGalley and Ballantine Books in exchange for an honest review.