Blue Ribbon Baking From a Redneck Kitchen

Blue Ribbon Baking from a Redneck Kitchen - Francine Bryson, Jeff Foxworthy

Well, she is two for two in my world. I had to check out Francine Bryson’s other cookbook since Country Cooking From a Redneck Kitchen by hers truly had me drooling and this book is another top notch book if you ask me. Dedicated to desserts, Blue Ribbon Baking From a Redneck Kitchen has everything that I try to avoid but I can see this cookbook finding its way on my shelf. I try to avoid baking desserts as I seem to end up ending the whole thing and then wonder why I feel miserable.   I do like to bring food to people and to events so this cookbook could be my go-to book when the time comes. As with her other cookbook, the recipes are not difficult, they are made with everyday items and they are recipes that I, a normal person, would consider making. There are some desserts which are unique and are outside my normal baking norms but that is good, as they would bring something else to the table or someone else’s table for that matter. There is an index which I feel is very important in cookbooks and I like that this cookbook is sectioned off into Pies, Cookies & Bars, Cheesecakes, Sunday Go-To-Meeting, Baked Goods To Show Off, Biscuits & Breads, Candy & Truffles, and Cakes Like Granny Made (contents listing) as this helps in my initial selection.   So what looks good? There are some interesting pie crust recipes to start, a Peach Cobbler, Classic Caramel Cake, Pumpkin Pie Bread, Donut Muffins, Iced Oatmeal Cookies, Blueberry-lemon Streusel Bars, Death by Chocolate Cake and what would a Hoecake taste like? They look easy to make, they puff up, and she says you can put jelly and butter on them; I might give them a try. There are lots more recipes inside this cookbook, there are bound to be something in here for everyone.


Not every recipe has an illustration but that’s okay with me. Each recipe does have a memo which includes information about how the recipe came about or why this recipe is so dear to Francine. The cookbook is personal and the recipes look tempting. It’s a keeper for me.