Anything For Her

Anything for Her - Jack Jordan

What I loved most about this novel was the ending. I thought it was brilliant the way that the culprit(s) behind the terror that had been stalking the mother-daughter duo had put so much thought behind what had occurred.   It wasn’t just random acts of violence or done out of haste but actual thought and planning had gone into these undertakings. I loved the chase, something that had occurred in the past in now looking for closure, the secret in now being revealed. I enjoyed this novel. I loved the execution of the novel as it brought up some strong emotions.


I, myself was getting tired of hearing about “the secret” as they kept mentioning these two words.   I felt this issue was implied in the way that the characters were acting and their mannerisms, I didn’t need reminding over and over again that the family was falling apart over something that happened a year ago with the mother and daughter that no one is talking about. Louise just found out that her husband is having an affair with her sister, her husband fessed up and now Louise is leaving. Packed her bags, left her kids behind and went to their country home. Her kids, Dominic age 10 and Brooke age 18 is left behind with their father. Louise’s husband is leading the family down a financial black hole with insider trading, tax evasion and few other legal issues so this family vacation home that Louise is using now is on the market which comes into play in this stimulating novel. Armed with alcohol, Louise hopes to drown her issues but someone else has other plans for Louise as she realizes she’s not alone. It is the alcohol or is something else to blame as weird and creepy situations start to invade Louise country home. At home, her daughter needs her mother as something has occurred and only her mother will understand. It is here, at this time, that I lose patience with Louise. There is this “secret” that they share and her daughter needs her but when Brooke comes to her, Louise shuts her out. I was so hot! I had no idea myself what this “secret” was but as parent, I couldn’t phantom how a mother could shut her daughter out especially when she needed her so desperately. Ahh Louise, I despised you madly! On her travels to see her mother, Brook has issues on the train, there seems to be someone watching her.   I would feel the heartbreak with Brooke as her mother cast her off, I could feel it in the words, my Kindle felt heavy. Louise, you took her to the train station and I despised you. The rest of the novel was wonderful.   I hate to say it but Louise but I hoped you learned a lesson. I’m sorry Brooke, your mother was a lousy mother, you definitely deserved better.


I received a copy of this novel from NetGalley and JJP in exchange for an honest opinion.