Mother of the Year - I think not

Anything for Her - Jack Jordan

Louise, I am losing my patience with you.  Leaving your children behind so you can get yourself together, I was just coming to grips with that but now you pull this crap!  What kind of a person are you?  Your own daughter comes to you for help, she's scared and needs someone and what do you do, you tell her to leave, you tell her that she is the reason that your life is so messed up.  What kind of parent are you?   I am depressed and I am not even your daughter.  The quencher was when she asked you if you both were going to die at the hands of the people who are not stalking you.  These individuals you both believe were after you both for the crimes that were committed last year, in a secret that I have not yet discovered.    Your comment, was the final straw for the Mother of the Year Award.   Louise, your comment was No, we aren't going to die. I just know it.  Mothers know these things.   Well Louise, you don't really know much about being a mother right now so I wouldn't be making those kinds of statements.  ARG!   Such a self-centered character, she is getting under my skin.