The Lie

TheLie - C.L. Taylor

I think the title of this book should have been The Lies as this novel was full of them. I was surprised at how much I was involved with this novel once everything was laid out for me and I could fully grasp the multitude of what was happening. These four young ladies were supposed to be taking a vacation of a lifetime and I was wondering who was really having fun.  Told in two different time period, one being now and one being five years previously, I really needed both time periods to put this story into perspective.   The four girls weren’t the greatest of friends to begin with when they began their journey and as the story progressed, I wasn’t quite sure where their alliances were, as they changed quickly. Their change I thought was based on the individuals that they were with, the booze that lighten their sprits and the freedom that flowed through them affecting their minds and their actions. As they reached their destination on top of the mountainous region, they were joyous and excited about their two-week stay.   This feeling changed almost immediately upon their arrival. Isaac who ran this retreat offered more than just a sanctuary to his guests; he liked to control them. Isaac and his followers, using their tactics and abilities liked to weaken individuals to gain control over them.   They were powerful and it scared me how far they would go.   Some individuals succumb to them willingly, thinking how special they were while others saw what was occurring and wanted to leave but didn’t have the means to do so.   I loved this battle, the battle of the willing and the battle of the ones who saw the light.   There is this tension, this desire to sway each other to their way of thinking and inside this novel; I wasn’t sure sometimes which side some of the girls were on.   It amazes me when I read these stories to the lengths individuals fall into these groups. As I read and listen to Isaac, just to listen to his words as he spoke, I see both sides of the picture. If I would have been at his retreat, I would have jumped off that mountain, no matter what. I don’t need any provisions, I don’t care what the weather is like, I would be down that mountain faster than lightening! There was too much uncontrollable and disturbing things occurring with Isaac and his followers for me.


There were lots of twists and turns inside this novel, hopes and dreams were fading away fast. I was watching my page count on my Kindle, thinking how much longer can this really go on? C.L. Taylor had kept me on my toes throughout this ordeal. It was a thrilling, exhilarating read.


I received a copy of this novel from NetGalley and Sourcebooks in exchange for an honest review.