Don't You Cry

Don't You Cry - Mary Kubica

I tried piecing this novel together and I was totally wrong, man…..she had me! I knew it had to be twisted but I guess my mind is more warped than Mary’s as I had a slew of scenarios running through my mind as the final chapters were drawing near.   I guess perhaps I could have seen the true signs but then I would have been trying too hard to analyze each situation and what fun would that have been? The story is told in alternating chapters labeled Quinn and Alex addressing each of their lives and as I read, I was trying to figure out just how they were going to be connected in the end. Their stories were totally different and I was really struggling to connect them.   It became a game where I tried to forget about their connection and just enjoyed their stories until I thought of something within their stories and then I was back on the mission again to connect them. Suddenly, there were major moments within their stories and I was breathless. I had to read it again.   I was now in book mode where nothing else matters in the world but this novel. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough and I thought here is when the two stories will emerge together but no, it didn’t happen.   The excitement within the stories was vivid and intense. It never let up and I didn’t want to be a fly on the wall, I wanted to be hiding in a closet and see it, feel it and live it with the characters. As my clock approached 1:30 am, my eyes fading, I had to call it a night; I didn’t want to miss the ending as I have come this far. At 5 am, I read those final five chapters; it was a great way to start my morning.   Mary had put closer to this novel, something that I needed but something I didn’t see coming. I have now been touched by the lives of Quinn and Alex and what happens to them now, remains a mystery. Pearl and Ester have entered my life now too and where they go, I do not know but they have definitely made this novel more interesting.