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The Museum of Heartbreak

The Museum of Heartbreak - Meg Leder

I loved the nostalgia of this novel, for it told a wonderful story and I loved the way it pieced together her journey. It reminded me of the way individuals hold onto items that may not seem sentimental to everyone but hold deep meaning or emotions because of what they represent. The pressed flower that’s situated between a book that has lost its brilliance and luster is not just a flower but to its owner it retains the beauty that it held the night that they will never forget.   A ticket stub torn hastily, fading with age, still holds memories of what transpired as if it just occurred yesterday. It is all in the eyes of the beholder.


I really loved the cover of this novel. It took me a bit to fully embrace this novel but once I did, I couldn’t put it down. Penelope, Audrey and Eph have been friends since grade school. The three of them have a great relationship but now Audrey has begun to date lots of men and Eph is dating too but Pen is rooted in how things are. When Keats enters the picture, Pen is interested in him but the advice that she is getting from Audrey causes tension between the two of them. Audrey is just trying to be a friend but Pen is taking it differently, she feels that Audrey is being too overbearing. I was worried for Pen, Keats is turning out to not be an ideal person for her but she was set on making him be the one for her.   Eph is in the middle of all the drama.   He listens to Pen talk about Keats and its funny because when Pen is out with Keats she is thinking about Eph.   She wanted Keats, for there was something about him but she couldn’t devote herself to him when she was out with him. He was like a trophy and I wondered how long his shine would last. There were lots of great lines inside this novel and I wrote many of them down as Eph was patiently listening to Pen talk about her obsession with Keats.   Eph didn’t show many emotions towards Pen, he was comforting, very mellow and it wasn’t until Pen gets in his face did I see how he really felt. I loved Pen’s tone, she wasn’t sarcastic; her view of reality was plain and simple. She over thought things, life was overwhelming to her at times and when they were, she had to step back.   I think everyone has their own Museum of Heartbreak.   This was a wonderful, good feeling novel.

I received a copy of this novel from NetGalley and Simon and Schuster Children’s Publishing in exchange for an honest review.