Stone Field

Stone Field - Christy Lenzi

I loved the drama and the tension that escalated within this novel. Catrina wanted to be her own person while the world was pressing down on her to conform. Her brother, her friends and society was throwing out their opinions and judgments on her while she fought to stay strong and keep their notions at bay. She was feisty and she fought hard not to lean or give way to the views of others and I had to laugh as her actions and/or her words astonished a few people and left them shaking their heads.   The day of the wedding was one such event. I was smiling as I read this part of the novel as Catrina was definitely doing her own thing for this event.   When speaking with the Reverend that same day about the Holy Scripture, I never wanted her to stop. She was on fire. I wished I could have seen the Reverend’s face when the two of them were conversing for she definitely had done her reading and she knew a thing or two about the good book.


The romance between Catrina and Stonefield had me on edge throughout the novel. I was fearful that she was infatuated with him and he would leave her shattered. Catrina fell for Stonefield immediately; he made up her air, he made up the majority of her thoughts and they spoke to each other without opening their lips. Stonefield had amnesia when she found him naked in the field and it was because of these unknown details, their relationship terrified me. When would his past come calling and what would it say? Where did he come from and why was he found naked in a field? Her brother kept an eye on Stonefield as the war was full of individuals who were crossing the countryside, who were up to no good and Henry thought Stonefield was one of them. He never gave Stonefield a break; this tension pushed the two lovers outside the home, their intimacy hidden amongst the trees and cliffs surrounding the homestead.


I loved all the different aspects that came into play as Catrina tries to build upon her relationship with Stonefield. It was sudden; their bond became passionate and intensified as they spent more time together. Hidden from others, their relationship becomes exciting and tense.   Catrina is too much in love to realize what is materializing between the two of them. When Stonefield starts to recover some of his memories, he is excited to discover his past and Catrina begins to realize that this is going to change their relationship. The novel shifts and things begin to move faster. I’m really glad that I read this novel, I was on a reading slump and this helped it drastically.