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Death at a Fixer Upper

Death at a Fixer-Upper - Sarah Hobart

It is more of an estate than a house, this massive home situated amongst the hillside. Sam and Biddie were investigating the property to see if it might be an option for one of their clients as this property had just been listed for sale. Sam’s son had informed her that the house had been known to be haunted but that is yet to be seen in Sam’s eyes.   Sam is a newly appointed real estate agent and working with Biddie, she is learning the tricks of the trade. Biddie is all business and seems to be in a hurry, where Sam follows her along slowly and is noticing the smaller things in life.   Within a day, Sam has three individuals who are interested in the house. These individuals all came to her out of the blue which I thought was strange, each of them with a different reason for wanting the property. It’s almost too good to be true, how fast this listing is getting individuals in the door.  She is hoping that one of them will be a buyer for this estate but as the day approaches for the showings, not all of the clients make it to their showings. It’s as though they were not meant to see this house, as their death cancels their time slot. Sam handles their death as if it was an every occurrence in her life, she brushes it off and that bothered me.   People were dying around Sam and it’s as though they didn’t even matter, what is wrong with her??  I found it difficult reading this novel. I didn’t care for the character of Sam, I didn’t understand what she was trying to accomplish in her life, and it felt as if the storyline was jumbled together for me.   When her sister’s ex-husband was making the move on her, she thought for a minute how wrong the situation was becoming but only for a minute did she ponder this thought.   She thought of what awaited her and then she based her decision on that and went for it.   I thought I had something I could follow and then this storyline frazzled out for me. I tried to piece this all together but it made no sense to me. I tried, I really did.

I received this novel from NetGalley and Chatterbox Party in exchange for an honest review.