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The Incident on the Bridge

The Incident on the Bridge by Laura McNeal (2016-04-26) - Laura McNeal

I really loved the cover of this novel and I was excited to get my arms around it. The author’s writing propels you through this novel as many voices narrate the text. Laura revealed the facts about the incident, slowly.   I loved how the author was able to entice the reader to listen to the voices of the characters as they gradually share their knowledge of the event. It’s the variety of the characters and the slight bit of information that they might possession that puts this novel together for me. I was surprised at some of the evidence that slipped by me.   Reading the synopsis and the title, we learn that Thisbe is depressed. This depression stems over Clay, a boy who has stopped seeing her and now has lead her to take drastic measures atop a bridge. What actually occurred on top of that bridge is hidden inside this novel and it seems like everyone has a voice in the matter.


I was impatient at times as read along as I wanted to know the truth and I wanted to know it, immediately.   I wanted to know what happened as Thisbe climbed out of the car because I knew what she was thinking that day as she drove over the bridge and then somehow, she disappeared.   I was meeting some interesting people, people who were family, people that claimed that they were just acquaintances but boy did they have stories, and others who were connected to this traumatic event. As each individual revealed their role and it started to come together, I started to get anxious as I felt as there were not enough pages left in the novel to suffice a complete ending.  But Laura came through, her words pulled it together and it was over.   This story intrigued me, I enjoyed the way the author put the story together.