My week ....and it's only going to get more interesting.

I have lost this week.  Some how this week has flown by and I was inside it.  The school year is winding down and many of the students have already checked out for the year making the life of a substitute twice as hard.  After subbing for about five years, I have my regular teachers but the students come and go and now, they mostly have all left mentally for the year.  This week has been interesting:


One student had decided to use his water bottle like a priest and bless the class with his water that was inside his water bottle-  his classmates were not impressed.


Doing cartwheels in the classroom is okay, even on individuals who are wearing dresses ( 5th grade).


Leaning out a window is the most logical way to retrieve a marker cap- you should though make sure someone is holding your legs - otherwise you'll fall on your head.  


Sending an inappropriate message from someone else's computer even though you logged on with your own name will still get YOU in trouble.  Just because you used someone else's computer doesn't hide the user, you signed in under your OWN NAME.


Permanent marker will not wear off at the end of the day.  Explain that to your parents when you get home.   


How many more weeks till school gets out?? :)