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The Goat Children

The Goat Children - Jordan Elizabeth Mierek

Keziah has taken on the responsibility of her grandma as she knows she is the only one who can do it. As I read this novel, there were many times that I have to applaud Keziah as living with Oma, her behavior and her relentless battering would have left me shattered. I would have had to step into the shower to scream or take a break. Oma comments to Keziah bordered on brutal and harsh and they were continuous.   Keziah is only seventeen and she realizes that Oma’s disease is the reason why her Oma has changed but some of her comment still hurt the same. Oma has two children but she does not get along with their spouses so the idea of co-habiting with them, is not an option. Keziah realizes it is either her or a nursing home and she does not want to do that to her Oma. Keziah and Oma had a wonderful relationship when Keziah was a child and they both wonder what happened to the person that they once knew. Oma has dementia which no one has mentioned to her.  


Keziah must attend public school now that she is living with Oma.   This is a huge adjustment from home schooling as she now has peers to adjust to and Oma is now left alone for hours at a time.   It is a huge responsibility to take care of Oma and Keziah’s peers don’t understand why she has no free time to be a teen. Keziah talks to Oma about the Goat Children. Keziah was told by her mother, that many years ago Oma wanted to write stories about them and perhaps now, she could help her.   Oma says that she was once a Goat Child, a magical warrior and Oma contemplates whether she wants to return to that lifestyle.   Keziah doesn’t know if it is the disease talking or if her grandmother is telling the truth but as the story continues Oma’s narrative of her Goat Children intrigues Keziah and the story starts to evolve. Keziah’s life becomes aggravating as Oma’s disease worsens. Keziah starts to feel as if she is all alone. As Keziah takes Oma to the store, I knew it was a bad idea but as I read the narrative, I was cringing, what a nightmare! There has to be something for this woman to take or something for her to do to lessen the pain for Keziah.


What an eye-opener for me to the effects of this disease. I had no idea the full extent of this disease and how numb a person must feel as a caregiver to handle this abuse.   It takes a strong person and a loving person to do this. Keziah was a strong character to handle her Oma plus handle her peers and the males in her life. I wanted to know more about the goat children, I wish Oma wasn’t as sick as she was, so she could have given a clearer picture of their lives. The idea of goat children, it got me thinking.

I received a copy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest opinion.