The Smell of Other People's Houses

The Smell of Other People's Houses - Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock

“Houses with moms in them tend to smell better.”


I loved how all the characters were tied to one another in this novel yet there were four separate stories.   The stories are unique in their setting and their storylines and yet, they all come together.   There was not one story that I liked better than the other for each of them took me to a place in Alaska where their world was totally different than my own and their circumstances and problems suddenly became mine.  


From smelling Ray, for he smells of cedar, to feeling the frozen fish between my fingers, the author words gave rise to a world unlike that of my own. I love novels that can whisk me away quickly and I can become someone else for a while. Hitchcock did a superb job with her choice of words and her choice of characters in this novel. I didn’t find this novel to be an emotional read, it was more of a story being told to you by the author with great adjectives so you can sit back and imagine the world that she had created for you.