This Side of Home

This Side of Home Hardcover February 3, 2015 - Ren?e Watson

I wanted more from this novel. After reading this novel, I got the message that you should do what you want to do in your life no matter what anyone else is doing and no matter what you have “planned” to do previously. For times change and people change, so you need to do what is best for you when the time comes.


The novel is centered on identical twins that have lived across the street from Essence for years. The girls are now in their senior year of high school and Essence ends up moving. They are still able to see each other but the convenience of being across the street from each other is now taken away. Kate and Tony have now moved into the house across the street. Nikki begins to hang out with the new neighbors while Maya continues her committed relationship with Essence.   Maya feels that Nikki has betrayed Essence, as she is no longer a part of their threesome. The three had made college plans together and suddenly they are disintegrating. Times are changing as other relationships are falling away and new ones are forming. Individuals are changing, life is moving forward and people are forming opinions of one another. Maya seemed too concerned over other people’s opinion especially her father’s. She is concerned about her relationship with Tony.   She is willing to take drastic measures to ensure that other’s happiness is achieved above her own.   I was surprised that Maya would bow down to this level but there is pride within her and fear that overcomes everything. I liked that Maya was proud of her heritage and that she wanted others to feel the same way.  I loved that she felt proud when someone of color makes an accomplishment and that she felt shameful when they failed at something, she took everything that a person of color personable, what they did was a reflection on her.  


I thought the novel should have cried out its message stronger and louder for I felt it had a great storyline, it just lacked execution. A good novel about diversity and taking a stand.