OCDaniel - Wesley King

Daniel wanted to be normal, he would really like to have Raya notice him and be a part of his life but that was wishful thinking. Daniel’s experiences Zaps over ten times a day and getting to sleep each night takes hours, sometimes he hardly gets any sleep at all.  Zaps is what Daniel calls the strange compulsions and repetitive routines that consume his daily life. I have heard a lot about this novel and I was excited to read it.


It was as if thirteen-year old Daniel was hiding from himself as I read this novel.   He was hiding a major part of himself as he tried to hide his OCD from everyone around him and he thought he had kept it a secret. He wanted Raya to like him as she was everything he wanted to be and he hoped that someday she would come around.   Sara, I liked her as she was true to herself.   She had more in common with Daniel but Daniel didn’t want to accept it so he tried to push Sara out of his mind.   Daniel was setting himself for failure as he didn’t see the prize that was in front of his face and I for once, wasn’t upset. I wanted more for Sara than Daniel had to give at this point in the novel. Daniel didn’t deserve her. I hoped Daniel would come around before Sara gave up hope.   I liked the fact that Daniel was a person who was a part of his world, he was not an individual who hid or shied away from others because of his disorder. He was not angry or agitated at others because of his Zaps; Daniel was living with his disorder and doing the best that he could. Daniel conversed among his peers and he was on the football team at school, he was unusual but Daniel was trying to fit in. Having OCD, Daniel tried to hide his disorder but this was next to impossible for he was living around individuals who saw him daily.


I was surprised at how Daniel felt when Sara approached him. Having the nickname Psycho Sara, I thought Daniel would have had more compassion towards Sara as they both are dealing with difficulties in their lives.   Not that I expected him to fall instantly in love with her or to drop his infatuation with Sara but it was as if she had to beg him for assistance. Sara made the book for me. Her compassion and the narration of her story showed a strong character and it reflected off Daniel.