The Memory Jar

The Memory Jar - Elissa Janine Hoole

What a whack job! If one of the main characters in the novel is in a coma, anything can happen as the other characters can do anything and say anything and heck, you can believe it!   I was reading this novel feeling sorry for Taylor as she was in an accident with Scott which left him in a coma. Taylor doesn’t remember much about the accident so whether it was her fault and not, the guilt she was having was weighing heavily on her mind. This along with the fact that she had wanted to break with him was causing some deep emotional issues. Taylor was worried about the outcome of Scott’s condition as there were things that needed to be worked out among them as she had just informed him of her pregnancy and he had just suddenly proposed marriage to her.


Taylor thought this was just between her and Scott but as she sat at the hospital waiting for his recovery, she soon realizes that other people know of their secrets. His younger brother Joey is hostile towards Taylor after the incident but as the two spend time together, things become cozy between them. The ice is broken and I am become fearful of what will occur once Scott finally regains consciousness. Kendall shows up at the hospital and she tells her story to Taylor. My jaw is now hitting the floor. I dislike that girl from the minute she opened up her mouth. That was one messed up story she relayed to Taylor. Kendall tells Taylor that she has had a relationship with Scott and they have talked about Taylor’s baby.   They have made plans, plans they haven’t discussed with Taylor but include her.  Their conversation sends Taylor scrambling and I hated what she did to Taylor, the emotions and the situations that they put her through. Taylor has Joey to confine in as she tries to figure out her next steps.   Taylor somewhat wishes for Scott to wake up and tell her exactly if what she is hearing is the truth. Taylor is a strong individual yet she is confused and she wants to do what is right but the question is, what is right? I really liked the premise of this novel but I thought it was choppy at times. I would have liked to have more of Taylor’s thoughts as she was the one dealing with all the issues. I thought the middle of the novel was the best as it dealt more with the issues and I got to know the characters more. This part of the text relayed a full story and did not rush me but portrayed the full picture.