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Alice and the Fly

Alice and the Fly - James Rice

I just finished reading this novel and yet there are a few questions that I am still pondering.  This is one of those novels where the author pushes you through the pages in a mission for the answers. The author doesn’t throw out the facts to you; he strings you along throwing out bits and pieces to you, making you hungry for more information with each passing page. I was on this quest, I was additive to his quest and in the end, I wanted more information.   I know I will never get all my answers to my questions because it’s over, there are no more pages. How can the author do this to me? I spent all this time, I walked the walk, I listened when the characters needed someone to talk to and then, the author closed the book without telling me everything I needed to know. Ah!


I enjoyed the walks, the bus rides, the journey, the whole obsession that I got to be a part of while reading this page-turner of a novel. It was Greg who followed her, and as I turned each page at the beginning of the novel, I had no idea why he was so obsessed with her and as I closed out the novel, I still don’t understand all the motives that moved him. I will never know but it was this obsession, the magnitude of his obsession, that kept him moving forward each day, she was his sunshine and this infatuation kept me flipping the pages as I wanted to know more about the two of them. Lucy does not understand the extent of Greg’s fascination with her and I was surprised at how well the two of them got along. Greg was everywhere that Lucy was, for Greg seemed to be Lucy’s shadow, but not in a creepy way. Where other people made fun of Greg and called him “psycho,” Lucy was able to confide in him. Lucy was patient and kind to Greg, and I began to wonder if this was part of what made Lucy special to Greg.   It was only when I learned what he had hidden away did I begin to have scary thoughts about the future of their relationship. Greg just wants to be a part of Lucy’s world yet Lucy’s world is revolving on its own without him. The novel takes on a disturbing and creepy feeling as it progresses and I couldn’t dare put it down. Soon I am reading police transcripts scattered in amongst the Greg’s journal entries which comprise the novel and I am fearful for what holdouts for the ending. Can love find its way amongst phobia’s, dark secrets, family issues and Them?

I received a copy of this novel from Quercus and NetGalley in exchange for an honest opinion.