The Grownup

The Grownup - Gillian Flynn

When I first started reading this short story, I had no idea where it was headed. As Gillian began the novel with a detailed narrative of the character’s sensual occupation detailing why they called their clients Tony’s, I wondered exactly what type of novel Gillian Flynn had written. It seemed rather risqué compared to her other novels but as I read, the novel slowly took on a mystifying element. Now this was the Gillian Flynn that I knew.


As the story progressed, I became deeply involved as Susan Burke was introduced and Susan found someone to share her story with. Nerdy listened and in the back of her mind, other thoughts were forming. Susan visited Nerdy often, her story escalating each time and I began to wonder when Nerdy was going to tell her the truth about her identity or do something to stop their relationship. Nerdy had this woman wrapped around her finger though with her story of being a fortune-teller yet the story that Susan was unleashing to Nerdy was more than I thought Nerdy could handle. Nerdy was envisioning dollar signs as Susan’s story intensified and all I saw was trouble with a capital T for Nerdy, as the woman’s story was not something a typical seer handles.   Wonderfully played and drawn out, I liked the ending although I thought it was rather short and cut off compared to the rest of the novel. As these woman leaned on one another, trying to weather the situation, what occurs was not what I had expected, nice job Gillian.