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The Last Boy and Girl in the World

The Last Boy and Girl in the World - Siobhan Vivian

I really liked the relationships that were tucked inside this novel. I liked the closeness and the struggles that Keeley had with her girlfriends. It was the struggles that showed the love they had for one another and as the girls flowed through the novel, they tried to look for one another but sometimes what they thought they were doing was not the greatest solution. I really liked Jesse as a character; this guy could entertain a room.   He was the life of a party as he was a fun and entertaining guy. I enjoyed how he liked spending time with his little sister, being sweet and loving towards her.   I felt that Jesse had an issue with relationships. He acted like a tease. He had such great casual relationships with some many girls yet when Keeley tries to get close to him, he runs off.   As the novel progressed and their relationship heated up, something about their relationship just wasn’t 100% to me and I couldn’t figure out why.    


Some scenes in the novel made me stop and smile, I mean really smile; it was as if they were taken out of a fairy tale. They were dramatic and memorable, the author describing the events so fine and picturesque. As I began this novel, the rain never quit, hammering the town of Aberdeen, until the sun came out and the town just waited for it to rain again.   It was this anticipation, this dread, that hung over the town folk as they watched the news. The evacuations were now streaming across their screens. Officials were now making speeches, they sounded official but not everyone was buying their talk and still the rain continued. I thought the middle of the novel dragged on, the story continued on in a merry-go-around fashion, the same weather and the same drama with nothing really new being added in. Then, the story picked up, people took action and so did the officials. Frustration, disappointment and a call to order was needed, where was the future of Aberdeen going to lie?


I received a copy of this novel from NetGalley and Simon and Schuster Children's Publishing in exchange for an honest review.