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Far From Fair

Far from Fair - Elana K. Arnold

By the end of the novel, I was tired of Odette’s moaning, seriously it was exhausting. As a substitute teacher, I am around sixth graders almost every week and rarely do I see a person of her nature. I understand her frustration as her whole world was turned upside down but Odette needed to get over it, as nothing she said or did would change her parent’s decision. Her father chose to one of the individuals laid off from work, it was a choice that the family would have to adjust to. This loss of income would affect the entire family and their livelihood, having a positive and/or negative impact depending on how you look at it. Her parents had decided to move their entire household and establish themselves inside an RV. Odette’s life was shattered.   Some items were put into storage, some items fit into their new home on wheels and other items were set out on the front lawn so others could take a piece of the Zyskowski’s lives home with them for a small price. The sale was devastating for her and just another part of the pain for Odette.   Odette never lets go of her negativity, she found it almost everything around her as the family left their house behind and began a new chapter of their lives. Just when you see hope, bang, despair and hopelessness fill the air. She saw the change that occurred in her parents, the way they looked and behaved around each other and that should have meant something positive to her but it wasn’t. I found humor in the novel, places where Odette should have laughed, places where Odette should have sat back and enjoyed the moment but instead her mind was thinking about what she had lost. It was sad that she just couldn’t let go.  Grandma tries to shine light on Odette’s darkness and for Grandma; I thank you for tipping the scale. Thank you to dad, for trying to make a difference in Odette’s life. I appreciate your effort in bringing the thrift store dog to Odette, even though he wasn’t originally the perfect dog, he ended up being worth millions.