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The Father

The Father by Anton Svensson (2015-08-06) - Anton Svensson;

This novel is addictive! Never would I have thought I would become consumed by the thoughts and the schemes three brothers and one committed friend put together to elude the police.   Such precise details and carefully orchestrated movements went into their work; I was drawn into the life of crime. As their criminal activity intensified, I was attracted into the details of their task and the ease at which it was performed. They had calculated everything down to a science, they were ready for any possible scenario and these men vowed to be the best in their field. The best robbers there were. I wasn’t fearful or worried that they would slip-up or over step their boundaries, I was amazed and spellbound at what they were able to accomplish. Their ability to continue their life as thieves and elude the police was fascinating and thrilling to me. They covered their tracks; they were construction workers who sported a trade, if you didn’t look too closely. As the money came in, their lives did change and mistakes were made. The eyes of the other brothers were always watching out for each other, for that is what family does.   I couldn’t put this novel down for I read it in one day; I had to know exactly what happened in the end. In this game, there are winners and loser and I had to know who won.


This novel tells us two stories, the current story of how these three brothers and one devoted friend came together to pull off a string of successful robberies. Banded together like brothers, it was not the money that they were after; it was about being independent and not having anyone tell them what to do. They were in charge and they loved the power that came with it. As their string of robberies continued, you could feel the power they felt as they unleashed themselves inside their arena. They took control of their heist, it was their domain and if something did not go as planned, they felt it from within. They loved power but they soon realized that money was a factor and how much money was enough? Another story that flows through the novel is the story about these men as children living with their parents. This relationship is important to this novel and is reflective on the men’s behavior throughout the novel. I enjoyed both stories and I felt they were both important and needed to truly enjoy this novel. The lead-ends into each story were not always clear but that is the only aspect of this novel that I found that I didn’t enjoy. As the men plan and rehearse over and over the robberies, they found that some of the robberies do not go as planned. This realization just pushes them with greater determination to do better the next time. Each robbery they up the ante, the stakes getting higher and their determination to succeed skyrockets. As a detective is put on the case, John becomes frustrated that he does not have much evidence to work with. Teaming up with a forensic scientist, John is finally able to piece together some data but the outlaws still have the upper hand. Based on a true story, I thought this novel was a fascinating and gripping read.


I received a copy of this novel from The NewinBooks Team in exchange for an honest review.