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The Drowing Girls

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The Drowning Girls - Paula Treick DeBoard

Don’t plan on having a life once you pick up this novel because once you start reading it, it will consume your life. The author started with a firm foundation of a story and led me on a wild, intense emotional journey. An account for which I loved every minute I was a part of. The emotions I felt were intense and deep, I was all in. I became a part of the storyline with characters whose identities felt authentic and passionate. They knew not their destination but only that they wanted to survive.   How one person can destroy the lives of many is shown inside the pages of this novel, for she manipulated others, as that is what she knew best.


All Phil wanted was a better life for his family, a paradise, a life of leisure. Moving into The Psalms, Phil is now the community’s relations specialist, making him in charge of the community’s needs while giving his family a free house to live in. He is the go-to man for this elite subdivision, and for this, he must bend over backwards to make them happy.   Phil and Liz realize it will take them a while to adjust to this lavish lifestyle but Liz knows she would never be one of them. Liz laughs at their way of life, how they handle their everyday situations, for they can never handle anything on their own. Liz wants Danielle to fit in, for this was important for their success in this new situation. Danielle did not want to move; it is hard being a teen and trying to fit into a new social scene. When Danielle meets Kelsey, Kelsey begins to be the best friend that Danielle has never had. Kelsey begins to spend a lot of time with the family and she begins to influence Danielle. Liz knows she was not going to change but Danielle is another story and Danielle welcomes the chance to be a part of something.   Phil starts to see there is more to Kelsey than just a privileged teenage girl amongst them.   She has started to visit Phil at work, her comments suggesting activities Phil is uncomfortable with. Phil begins to see that Kelsey is trouble but how can he communicate his feelings to others without the blame coming back to him. Phil is working within a close community with elite players and he’s an outsider.   Kelsey is not backing down and things are escalating.   More individuals are becoming involved and the stakes are getting higher yet Phil has no one to turn to.   I’m beginning to wonder who is the winner in all of this and when does it end when the players become more bold in their attempts and I am sitting on the edge of my seat and the curtain falls. It was fabulous, remarkable and the ending of all ending but then I think, is it really over?


Yes, you should definitely pick up a copy of this novel and enjoy!

I won a copy of this novel on Goodreads.