Yes! It finally happened.

We finally found a buyer for house #2 !!!!   We have had this house on the market for almost a year.  It was my husband's dream house and my nightmare. LOL  My first impression of the house was that it was too small and too far away from the city (a 20 minute drive) but my husband told me he would make it work. We were finally trying to downsize and he found his ranch.  The backyard was about 40 feet from the river, deer and turkey were plenty but the road leading to the house was curvy (winters here can be horrible) and there was no storage whatsoever.  After living in a three story house for 18 years, my life was reduced to totes. I had everything in totes: clothes, medications, spices, shoes, dishes, etc.  They were stacked in most of the rooms.   I will never forget the moving company as they tried to cram our bedroom furniture into our bedroom, "ma'am, this furniture is not going to fit?" "ah, ma'am!" I told them to move it on in, as my husband told me it was going to fit according to his diagram.  I was not going to get rid of my furniture as we bought it years ago after searching for it.  "Ah ma'am, you will not be able to open your dresser drawers" "There isn't going to be any space between the furniture to move around." I smiled and told them to keep moving it in, they just shook their heads.  Needless to say, after they left, days later we ended up moving the furniture. It ended up being in two bedrooms and in the living room, somehow his diagram was off.  LOL If I didn't have to drive into the city for work or I was retired or didn't have a lot of stuff, it would be a great house.  Needless to say, we lived there for a short while and moved.  

We really thought the house would sell quickly but heck no, it sat.  We mowed and shoveled snow for potential buyers this past past year while everyone went through the house loving it but no one would buy it. Why? Because they didn't like the drive and because the neighbors living beside the house had terrible looking houses.  One house needed a paint job and the other neighbor, well her and I just never got off on great terms because I was touching her rocks which technically were on my property once we got the property lines figured out. But her house,  really needed an overhaul or a match. LOL  What a nightmare!!  BUT, it's all over.....I am doing a happy dance, happy this experience is over and boy, oh boy have I learned a lot.  Breathing a huge sigh of relief and hoping and praying that it is smooth sailing through May 28th.   Oh, I forgot to mention that we bought the house and lived in it while it had a gas leak.  The first two realtors said the smell was water in the pipes and new house smell, It wasn't until we had our current realtor who told us that it was a gas leak.  It has been quite an adventure.