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Betty White If You Ask Me (and of Course You Won't)

If You Ask Me (And of Course You Won't) - Betty White

I listened to the audio of this novel which was read to me by the author herself, Betty White. Before listening to this novel, I will be honest with you and say, I didn’t know much about Betty except seeing her on The Golden Girls and seeing her on a few guest appearances. I could probably hear her voice and know it, as her voice has a distinct ring to it. I learned a great deal about Betty and I am greatly impressed with her after listening to her novel. I didn’t laugh a lot while listening to it, although I did smile and chuckled quite a bit. I reminisced right along with her as she recanted some moments of history, which I remembered growing up. I learned about show business and her love of animals. What I learned most about Betty is her love and appreciation of people.   Betty is real, she is not a celebrity who fame has gone to her head, no…..she is one of us.   She would have tea with us, she would love to hear a good sassy joke and she would love to play cards on a Friday night with us. She is normal and I appreciate and admire her more for that.   After listening to this novel, my impressions and my admiration of Betty have changed. To have her spunk, attitude and fire all these years, I can only hope.

I checked out the hardcopy of this novel and it contains black and white photos throughout the novel, that’s an added bonus.