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Wild Swans

Wild Swans - Jessica Spotswood

I really felt sorry for Ivy as it seemed that her grandfather was continually pushing her to do better. There was no celebration for those moments where she achieved success or happiness for it was always time to march forward to what was next or what was the next hurdle to attack, leaving her no time to enjoy the moment. That really is no life to lead, for what is the purpose? There will always be something to strive for no matter where you are or what age you are; Ivy will never be able to rest with grandfather around her. Ivy was learning to be happy by herself and I was hoping that she could learn to take some small breaks and enjoy her life.   Ivy’s mother left town when she couldn’t handle the pressure and Ivy has been living with grandfather for many years. I liked how her true emotions rose to the surface when her mother came back to town with Ivy’s estranged siblings in tow.    The tension, the lies and the emotions were more than the house could handle as these individuals danced around each other.   She tries to find comfort in Alex, but Alex is changing and he is looking at Ivy with new eyes. They have been friends for years and Ivy doesn’t want that to change.  Her relationship with one of grandfather’s students has Alex seeing Ivy as more than just a close friend and he wants more from Ivy.   Working with Connor, Ivy becomes attracted to him.  Connor feels the same way towards her and they start a relationship.   This is a secret that they must keep from grandfather. This was not an intense read but a great coming-of- age novel. Ivy must understand and cope with my many facets that make up her life and understand how they will affect her. She is now longer a little girl who lives and must obey everything her grandfather says but she is also not an adult who can make major decisions on her own.

I received a copy of this novel from NetGalley and Sourcebooks Fire in exchange for an honest opinion. Thank you.