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Exit, Pursued By a Bear

Exit, Pursued by a Bear - E.K. Johnston

The author addresses some powerful subjects in this novel but I wasn’t all that impressed with the way the characters handled these topics. I felt I was only given the emotions that were visible, ones that others could see and that the deep, heartfelt emotions and energy were being left out. I enjoyed the host of characters that the author provided for it provided me with plenty of individuals to connect with and to cast my eyes upon. I believe I liked Polly the best. She was calm and provided stability to Hermione and she was fun. Although she was afraid to show her true colors to others, I think with time she will spread her wings and fly. I really enjoyed the author’s writing style, she was able to capture the intensity of the situation at times and then able to deliver to her readers a mystery, slowing down the pace and the strength of her writing. The author used some great language inside this novel, moments that moved me where the characters showed love and concern for those around them. Seeing this novel on blogs and being mentioned on many websites, I knew I needed to read it, as I love to read novels based on these types of issues and I am glad that I did. I enjoyed reading it.

Hermione is attending her last year of cheerleading camp. She is with some of her friends and of course, there are some new campers this year. Polly is her best friend and they have been cheering for years. Its’ the night of the dance and the two girls are out on the floor dancing amongst many others.   It’s hot, crowded and Hermione is thirsty from dancing but having a blast! Someone puts a plastic cup in her hand, it’s cold and wet and she drinks it. Looking to throw the cup away, she hears an unfamiliar male voice informing her that he’ll show her the waste can. As heaviness overcomes her, she doesn’t recall the trash being in that direction but she follows him anyway and suddenly, her world turns black.   Awaking with Polly beside her and a nurse nearby, Hermione tries to search for answers. She comes up short. This is not good and I’m thinking back to the following pages to see if I have missed any clues.


Polly is her savior as she remains calm and collective as Hermione listens to her recap last night’s events. They have pieced together what they know and Hermione remembers nothing after finding the garbage can with the mystery boy. There is no set protocol for these crimes for everyone is different, it depends on the victim for they set the stage and now Hermione is trying to reach back through time and search for memories which she cannot obtain at the moment. The police are called in and start their investigation. Her parents, they are there and fighting their own battles while trying to help their daughter. Hermione has a lot to consider with many friends beside her and many individuals just watching.   This single event changes many lives and the author does a wonderful job showing the readers this effect. A novel that makes you wake up.