Baby Girl

Baby Girl: Memory House Series, Book Four - Bette Lee Crosby

I had to know where Cheryl Ann landed. As she wound her way through her life, I found myself captivated by her, for she never gave up, no matter the circumstances or the outcome; she stood back up and fought for another day. As a teen, she was left without a father and her mother was taking advantage of the situation leaving Cheryl Ann without anyone to rely on. Cheryl Ann let her dreams take over and her life got off track. Cheryl Ann found “herself” a perfect relationship, she was working for material goods and as she looked on the test from the store, a blue line confirmed she was pregnant.   Pregnant, not the words her boyfriend wanted to hear for they were not “established,” and now Cheryl Ann had some major questions to consider. Anxiety, confusion and irritation are a few of the emotions that Cheryl Ann confronts during this time of her life.   Doing what she feels is the best decision, she carries the baby to term and place her up for adoption. This is a moving and difficult time for both Cheryl Ann and I as I read about her circumstances and her ultimate decision. There is no turning back for her now, no do-over’s. I was a young teenage mother and this section of the book really hit home for me. There was always that thought in the back of my mind as I contemplated the options available to me, and then as I look back in life I considered the “what if?”   Afterall, this was a human being that is being considered, someone that you created. I felt for Cheryl Ann and her decision for that took a great deal of strength and it was an emotional one for her. The story continues with Cheryl Ann going back to work and she finally gets married to her boyfriend, Ryan. Unable to conceive, when he feels they are finally “established,” the couple starts to drift apart. The true story behind this divorce leaves Cheryl Ann bitter and spiteful. I really enjoyed this part of the story as it takes her to uncharted territory as we see a side of her that is unique and unusual. I feel that sometimes individuals need this adventure into unfamiliar areas for that brings out changes within them.  Ryan tainted her heart and now she must discover that she cannot let him ruin the rest of her life. As Cheryl Ann continues through life she meets other men and women who tread on her life and on her heart, all of them shaping her and influencing her one way or another. She is a strong woman who must open her heart to love others and to accept the kindness that others have to share. Time passes quickly within this novel and there were times within this story I felt proud, elated, and disappointed for it was an eventful novel chucked full of feelings.   Bette Crosby’s novels never fail to impress me and this one even though it is part of a series is one that is definitely one that will warm your heart. I didn’t read the first books in this series before reading this novel; I felt it fine as a standalone.

I received a copy of this novel from the author, in exchange for an honest review.