Last Stop on Market Street

Last Stop on Market Street - Matt de la Peña, Christian Robinson

There are terrific messages inside this book. I loved the way Nana shared her world with CJ, never preaching to him but showing him that there is something besides what you see on the outside.   That you should judge something just by looking at it but you should discover more about that person or that item for everyone has a story or is more exciting than you think. She was patient person and she gave of herself. I also enjoyed the illustrations of the book, they showed lots of diversity and I loved the rich language the author used. The author strung words together to paint wonderful pictures in my mind as I read. Bright colors filled the pages with black font made this a wonderful storybook.


As CJ is ushered out of church one Sunday with his Nana, he is tired of the same routine and as his voice echoes his complaints; his Nana shows him that the world around him is more than just what he sees. CJ wants what other individuals have and he is tired of same routine every Sunday. He does not everything and as child, he does not understand why he cannot have the few things that he wants. Nana personality is friendly and warm as they make their way to their destination. The destination is half the fun as Nana enjoys showing CJ interesting people and items along the way. Trees and buses are not just everyday items in her world for she makes them come alive and fun for CJ. CJ is all ears as he takes in everything Nana is sharing and he offers questions and comments along the way. CJ’s horizon is expanding. By listening to Nana, he begins to realize that what they do have works for them. It fits their lifestyle and it’s perfect for them. As they finally reach their destination, having viewed the streets along this path in a new light, CJ has a new outlook on his life and beauty has a new definition.