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South of Sunshine

South of Sunshine - Dana Elmendorf

The ending of this novel gave me chills.  I never expected this ending and to find herself in that situation, she had to be speechless.  I fought my way through this novel, literally fighting with the main character as she tried to take a stand with herself.  She was scared to be herself, scared to look at herself, for who might be in the mirror.  Who might she disappoint in the process and who was she really looking at?  It’s tough being original and it’s hard not being part of the crowd but it’s also difficult to be someone you’re not.  I loved the game of cat-and-mouse which the characters played in this novel as I felt like a player in the game. Holding on tight, I felt elated in this game for it was dangerous and fun but I wanted out when it stopped.


When Bren walked into their social scene, everyone noticed.  She carried herself with confidence and she was different.  Being the new girl, she had stories that captured everyone’s attention and her life was filled with excitement and spark.  Kaycee watched her from a distance, there was something about her that intrigued her but she just couldn’t bring herself to approach her like everyone else did.  Sarabeth and Kaycee had been best friend for years.  As Kaycee approaches Bren, something occurs between them but Kaycee can’t quite understand the feelings behind it.  The more time that she spends with Bren, the more comfortable she feels and the more she questions exactly what type of relationship the two of them have.  Sarabeth tries to keep the two girls apart which irritates Kaycee, as she sees what her best friend is trying to do.  Kaycee begins to wonder about her sexual orientation and as Kaycee and Bren spend more time together, their relationship deepens.  Sarabeth wants Kaycee to talk with her about everything especially what is occurring between her and Bren but Kaycee is not sure that Sarabeth is the right person to talk to.  Finding Van, Kaycee is able to find a friend she can share her thoughts and concerns with.  The story deals with some tough issues and the teens must air their feelings and reflects to make the right decision for themselves. 
I received a copy of this novel from NetGalley and Albert Whitman in exchange for an honest review.