The Skeleton Garden

The Skeleton Garden: A Potting Shed Mystery - Marty Wingate

This was a lighter mystery to me than what I am used to reading. I thought the mystery portion of the novel was slow and dragged out. As the police were called into the investigation, they began to frustrate me as they started to drag their feet and hinder the research. The novel continued in others areas but the mystery portion of the book was left open-ended as the police continued to work behind the scenes. The other stories that were transpiring in the novel were engaging but I really wanted to know what the police were doing. What I later discovered was that there was a reason for this untimeliness. Knowing this, it made me feel a bit better but I would have enjoyed the book more, had it not drawn out this portion of the novel so much. I feel that the mystery portion of this novel would have been more enjoyable had it not been forgotten throughout the novel. This novel is part of a series and the first books I have not read but I don’t feel I was missing out on anything by not reading them.   The authors writing is comfortable and flows very easily, I really enjoyed reading her novel as her words seem to flow off the page.


Orlando comes to stay at Greenoak. He is Christopher and Pru’s nephew, who needs a change of scenery and Greenoak seems to be just the place. He becomes a great asset to Pru and Simon as they work in the garden but when issues around the house begin to heat up, his presence is short-lived.   While Pru just wants time in the garden with her brother, Simon is scheming. Pru doesn’t like his idea and the more Pru learns about the matter, the more intense things become. I loved the way the author connects the history of WWII with her characters. It is a small world, we hear it almost weekly when people connect or see something that reminds them of long ago and this story is another reminder of that.  The character of Pru, I really enjoyed her. She just wanted a quiet country life with her husband, some time to get to know her brother Simon and some space to garden. She didn’t expect dead bodies, a body of a WWII plane, a scandalous magazine editor and drama.  3.5 stars

As part of the #RandomHouseChatterBoxMonthlyMystery I received a free copy of this novel in exchange for an honest opinion. Thank you Random House and NetGalley.