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Treasure Darkly

Treasure, Darkly - Jordan Elizabeth Mierek, Elizabeth Jordan

Clark used to steal out of the pockets of his mother’s clients. It was how they survived. While she worked tending to her clients at the Salon and Brothel, her son would sneak in and swipe just enough that no one noticed. One day, the vial inside this officer’s coat was just too tempting for Clark. He thought it was alcohol but as he was arrested for his crime, he learns that the liquid was more powerful than alcohol; he now has the power to bring people back from the dead.


Years later, Clark is looking for his father, Garth Treasure. Clark’s past will be an asset that will aid him in the future but for now he is a young man who has lead a simple life who is running from authorizes. The Treasures are a powerful family and one of the wealthiest in the kingdom. Their daughter Amethyst has just returned to the Treasure’s Ranch for a short stay as she prefers the city life while the rest of the family enjoys their Texas homestead. Most of the family welcomes the bastard Clark into the family but Clark is uncomfortable with how rich he suddenly has become and how easy life is. Clark is used to fending for his next meal and living a meager lifestyle and suddenly he’s cast into a life of the rich and famous. He’s restless and I found myself laughing at his comments and his behavior for they were not what the family expected out of him. I noticed something instantly between Clark and his sister Amethyst, for there was a spark between them. A spark that should not be there for they were sibling yet as the novel continued, this spark grew in intensity and the flame grew hotter.   The novel gets interesting as the family tries to acquaint Clark and Amethyst to their surroundings. It’s as if they were doing them a great favor but in reality, there was something going on behind the scenes. So much more was going on; their parents were blinded as the two of them crossed the countryside, their secrets locked away. Clark was on a mission and Amethyst had many missions on her own that she wanted to complete. With a mixture of fantasy, history, western and romance, this novel was nothing like I expected. It definitely kept the pages turning. 4.5 stars

I received a copy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review.